Canggu Bali Villas

Canggu is a charming village blessed with a rural landscape of verdant rice terraces that extends to a stretch of coastline with a legendary surf break.Canggu is a tranquil area where travelers, ...... More »

Seminyak Bali Villas

Located right on the beach and very close to the airport, Seminyak has evolved into one of Bali is most popular tourist spots. The town occupies a special niche as a high-end, long-term stay destination, ...... More »

Ubud Bali Villas

Ubud is arguably the best place to use as a base if you are visiting Bali; if you are looking for culture, comfort, nature and inspiration. Ubud is surrounded by most of the things that bring people to Bali - scenic rice fields, ...... More »

Nusa Dua Bali Villas

Nusa Dua is the name of the peninsula that extends off the southern tip of the island of Bali, and it’s also the name of the island’s major international resort area on that peninsula. This area was specifically created, ...... More »

Sanur Bali Villas

Sanur village was Bali’s first tourist destination. It has been attracting visitors since the beginning of the twentieth century. Sanur’s 7 kilometre beach offers the safest swimming on the island, ...... More »

Uluwatu Bali Villas

Uluwatu is located along the southern tip of Bali peninsula, the soaring rocky cliff of Uluwatu offers breathtaking views opening out to the Indian Ocean. The rather dry air coming from the rocky land is peasantly soothed, ...... More »

Jimbaran Bali Villas

Jimbaran is a sleepy cove where fleets of fishing boats color the scene. Formerly a relatively quiet area, its image has improved dramatically with the opening of the beautiful Resort and Villas. The last couple of years, ...... More »


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